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AmazonPharma offers consulting and coaching services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our consultants knowledge, experience and extensive people management skills have been developed during many years of work in Australian and multinational pharmaceutical organisations. We provide guidance that covers a broad range of operational and compliance activities. AmazonPharma can provide advise at a strategic level and at an implementation level. We offering the most comprehensive services at very affordable prices.



We will deliver what we promised!



AmazonPharma will act as advisor and a mentor. We will assist you in resolving your issues and help you to succeed. Our consultants have extensive academic and current practical pharmaceutical industry experience.


Majority of our consultants held senior positions in Operations, Production, Quality and Human Resources Departments in Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 10 years. Furthermore, our consultants were recognized throughout their career to significantly increase operational efficiency, quality, compliance and reduction in product cost.



Our staff key strengths

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Ability to make sound decisions                           
  • Analytical thinking
  • Planning
  • Accuracy and Attention to detail
  • Passion for continuous improvement
  • Counselling and people management           
  • Leadership and Mentoring
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Safety
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Interviewing and Hiring


We will not just interpret the regulatory requirements, we will suggest how to achieve them. We offer a strategic and "hands on" approach. We can help you to balance compliance and operational costs in your organisation.


AmazonPharma is time conscious and will respond quickly on your request. We will adapt our style to fit your culture and your needs. AmazonPharma will work with and compliment your management team.


It is possible to be compliant and still be highly efficient. Yes, we are committed to help you to achieve efficiency and compliance in your organisation!




Please contact us to find out how we can help you!



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