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Training and Coaching

AmazonPharma consultants are proven in delivering effective training and coaching. Our Training programs are tailored for each organisation to meet organisational culture and business objectives. Such approach will ensure your employees deliver high-quality products, increase in productivity and reduce or eliminate waste. This ultimately means a more cost competitive product in the market.



  • Many companies invest significant capital in buildings and equipment. They have excellent business and marketing  strategies.  They have recruited people for jobs within their company.  More than likely these employees have been provided with some training.  Has this training been effective to provide them with knowledge and tools to succeed?   Do you really know the cost incurred by your organisation as a result of inadequately trained employees?


Counting the Cost of Employee Misunderstanding
  • In 2008, employee assessment specialist Cognisco studied the high cost incurred by many Companies as a result of employee misunderstanding.  The white paper, titled ‘$37 Billion: Counting the Cost of Employee Misunderstanding’, details employee misunderstandings as actions taken by employees who have misunderstood or misinterpreted (or were misinformed about or lack confidence in their understanding) of company policies, business processes, job function or a combination of the three (Cognisco 2008).
  • Their study found that many organisations are aware of this problem but that the majority does not take any action. Furthermore, they identified that the pharmaceutical industry was one of the top four industries with the greatest level of employee misunderstanding (Clarke, M 2009).       


  • Investing in training you demonstrate to your employees the organisations commitment to compliance, consumer safety, product quality and to their development. At the same time increase in quality will be well regarded by your customer and of course by regulatory agencies. Want more? Of course, you will be meeting business goal of maximising the return on your investment.
  • If training is organised as one event the benefits of training may have a very short shelf life. The training must be ongoing on regular base to achieve full benefits of training.
  • Compliance - review, develop or/and implement quality management system to ensure regulatory compliance. Quality Management System that is  tailored for your organisation thus fostering the culture and the ownership of the quality system and driving compliance through your employees.

    Behavioural GMP -Human Error analysis. Employee change behaviour programs to meet business strategies and compliance requirement.

    GMP Training - training to regulations for  specified zones. Training targeted for audience i.e. production operators, warehousing operators, production supervisors and manager, quality assurance personnel.

    Validation - training in cleaning, process and equipment validations.  Documentation to facilitate your programs.

    Human Resources -training and coaching Team Leader, Supervisors in interview, screening and recruitment technique, training matrices development, job analysis and job assessment programs.

  • Coaching programs are often aligned with training programs. Coaching is the "next step" for an employee who has learned new skills. Simply, coaching is a way to reinforce what was learned in the training. Coaching is usually a one-on-one exercise. This will include a series of regular meetings by the coach and the employee being coached. The coaching meetings can be conducted from daily, weekly to monthly. To achieve the full benefits of coaching AmazonPharma will determine the minimum commitment on a case-by-case basis. We will guide you in setting goals, developing an action plan, implementation, regular review and adjustment (if required). We will inspire, motivate and facilitate goal accomplishment or achievement. The benefits derived from coaching can last a lifetime!


Amazonpharma consultants can help your staff to achieve their best:


  • Training and Coaching your employee
  • Training and coaching your staff how to manage employee
  • Employee Performance management



Please contact us to find out how we can help you!





WHO GMP ReportWHO Public Inspection Reports

The World Health Organization Public Inspection Reports (WHOPIR) is a summary of the inspection report of:

  • a manufacturing site for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs);
  • a manufacturing site for Finished Products (FPs);
  • an organization such as a Contract Research Organization where a bioequivalence study or other clinical study had been performed (CROs);
  • a quality control laboratory

Manufacturing sites are subjected to periodic inspections and follow up inspections. The implementation of the corrective actions is verified by WHO by means of a documentation review or a follow-up inspection. Only when all critical or major non-compliances" with WHO GMP, GCP or other equivalent guidelines have been satisfactorily corrected by the manufacturers or organizations, the sites are published on the list and the WHOPIR are issued.

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Final report on the International API inspection Pilot Programme

A pilot programme on International collaboration on GMP inspections of API manufacturers was conducted between December 2008 and December 2010 involving competent authorities from:

  • Australia
  • Europe
  • United States

The purpose of the programme was to foster cooperation and mutual confidence between participating regulators through better communication and exchange of information on inspection planning...


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